Social Responsibility

Powermetal has the unparalleled products and services related to material utilization and environment. We help manufacturers to make the production in a more efficient and more environment-friendly way. We are concerned about the demand of downstream manufacturers and keen on the research and production of products that are beneficial to the environment and the health if consumers.

Boway never stop the research and innovation. Boway takes full advantage of the advanced technology to produce smarter products and services, puts the advanced technology into a series of practice in product research and development, testing and manufacturing, ensures that the social production is safer, more environment-friendly and more intelligent and makes people’s lives safer, healthier and more beautiful and thus creates new values.

The outstanding performance ensures the outstanding performance of the end products of our customers, which makes the Powermetal materials are not just cold metal, but products with life, spirit and emotion, which is the important characteristic of Powermetal’s wisdom.

Advocating “green office action” and starting from ourselves

According to a survey of environmental protection situation in office, the printing cost waste rate in office is as high as 40%, which has become an important source of resources waste. Therefore, Boway decides to combine with the modern office environment and promote the concept of green office to the Group and its subsidiary companies. Promote the measures of “two-sided printing”, “waste paper recycling” and “monitor screensaver”, effectively promote new initiatives in energy conservation and environmental protection and protect the environment from ourselves.

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