According to the company's strategy, interest and expertise to choose occupation management or professional occupation development of double channel in Powermetal staff, can be transformed each other between channels.

The company aims to promote the enterprise culture and values, enhance staff capacity, and increase employee engagement.

Company management personnel from the identification, development and retention of talent development and build the system of talent development.

The company annual key personnel for all employees into the inventory of reservoir, set up three personal library, are professional and technical personnel base, potential management talent pool and potential senior management talent pool. A pool of employees will be targeted to technology or development project management, and equipped with senior tutor, periodic evaluation of training effect, promote the growth of reservoir personnel.
Management talent of the leadership pipeline, the ability of technical personnel development projects, full of general learning and training programs.
The company through key talent inventory and reservoir project, planning the future talent in key positions, the talent development and future vacancies with talent through the map, succession plan of other projects to achieve talent promotion, transfer and retention.
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