Training Development

Activity report of technician rating in August 2016

Date:2016-10-19Reading times:90

    To develop the professional skills of our staffs, to promote our employees' continuous learning, to enhance their professional knowledge and skills. The company conducts a technician rating on a regular basis in August.

    We conduct a comprehensive assessment from four areas: daily work performance, job performance, skills matrix scores, administrative rewards and punishments, and divided into four, four grades depends on a uniform standards, each level is set to the appropriate incentive standard, fully embodies the company's "be proud of the performance" value orientation, and lay the foundation for the employees’ all-round development.

    The technical staffs who join this technician rating they are from 1st manufacturing department,2nd manufacturing department,3rd manufacturing department , engineering department and logistics department, the total number is 67,level 4 technicians 6, accounting for 8.96%; level 3 technicians 10, accounting for 14.93%; level 2 technicians 21, accounting for 31.34%; level 1 technicians 22, accounting for 32.84%; no level technicians 8, accounting for 11.94%.

    Through this technician rating, company's technicians have a certain understanding on their own comprehensive skills, promote them to further strengthen their theoretical study and work practice, enhance professional knowledge and professional skills.


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