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PMT-Team outdoor activities at October 2016

Date:2016-11-08Reading times:85

    To enhance the team cohesion and enhance mutual friendship, strengthen the group's centripetal force and collaboration, PMT company organized team outdoor activities at October 29.

    Although the weather is not very good, and the temperature plummeted, but this did not affect everyone's enthusiasm for expansion. At 9:00, braved the rain, our team carrying picnic required materials (homemade stove, pot, ingredients) on time, to the destination village Chenyang.

    To the lunch time, the team did not conduct a special division of labor and arrangements, but everyone involved, everyone rushing to work, picnic process exceptionally smooth flow, we all show the talents, produced a lot of delicious delicacies. From which it is easy to see the usual close cooperation between our team.

    When a plate of food out of the pan, we are actively tasting, in this green mountains and rivers, the delicious food with beautiful view, eating their own hand-made dishes, talking about the warmth of the families, picnic atmosphere reached a climax, , We seem to forget the tired, the whole room echoed the most sincere laughter.

    Then, at afternoon our team went to the 600-year-old Yu Shan ancient village, along the Yu Shan trail, we put the whole Yu village income fundus. Aoyama Bamboo with this red brick green tile, coupled with the rise of the curl of the roof smoke, it touches on this lonely village a little more popular, had to lament the wonderful people and harmony of this landscape, everything is so natural, like An ink painting shocked us.

    The outdoor activities not only reflects the good cohesion of our team, but also enhance the team's ability to cooperate, personal development is inseparable from the collective power, while the collective can’t be separated from the individual, we work together to make a hearty Lunch, this is a person can’t complete the task. I believe that through this event, the team will work more tacit understanding!

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