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PMT-Basketball game in October 2016

Date:2016-11-08Reading times:105

    In order to promote the friendship between employees, strengthen their group collaboration ability and their physical fitness, PMT company decided to held the basketball game in October 24, so that our employees can relax themselves and enjoy life through this game, then immerse in work with a better physical and mental state, and all departments responded positively and teamed up to participate in the competition.

    After the preliminary race, manufacturing and marketing teams break through the tight encirclement, stand to compete for the championship game. The final was held on 24 October at the Yunlong Cultural Center. Athletes are usually intimate colleagues in peacetime,but in the game, they are opponents, everyone fight for the champion, they will not miss any chance of scoring .Competition is divided into two halves of a total of 4 bars, the second half of the twenty minutes. Manufacturing team lead the marketing team 1 score end of the first half, the score is very similar, the atmosphere was very warm.

    Competition came to the second half, the marketing team made a tactical adjustment depends on the first half, and gradually catch up and over the manufacturing team, but the manufacturing team to be outdone, the two sides chasing the state, the game came to the fourth quarter, both players have physical consumption at the moment, the manufacturing team to seize this opportunity to attack the fierce offensive to the marketing basket, continue to win rebounds and attack the ball right. Finally, 27:31 manufacturing team narrowly defeated the marketing team, won the championship.

    The basketball game not only enriched the amateur cultural life of employees, but also inspired the majority of employees actively participate in sports, exercise the enthusiasm and confidence, enhance employees’ friendship, cultivate team spirit and enhance the cohesion of enterprises. In the course of the competition, athletes are not give up the competitive state until last moment, it is our corporate culture advocated by the fighting spirit, we through hard work, enterprising, fearless sense and spirit into the future.

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