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“Three appreciation” activities of management in September 2016

Date:2016-10-18Reading times:88

    On September 2016, the administration department of Powermetal organized a “Three appreciation” activities, the purpose of this activities is to create a mutual learning atmosphere, and improve the team cohesion.

    The focus of this activity is appreciation, so that we can learn to praise ourselves and others, know how to appreciate ourselves, appreciate others, enjoy the team. In order to let everyone tap their own advantages, a better understanding of their own impression in the hearts of their colleagues, at the same time, to see the side of others which is worthy to learn and appreciation. And the activities require everyone to be generous to say their appreciation to others

    Participants in the activities were divided into three groups, each group enclosed in a circle, talk to each other accompanied by relaxing music. The scene gradually began to pass the power of praise and love. Employees carefully explore the highlights of their own body, and further appreciation of colleagues, sure the continuous progress of the company, and everyone is touched by colleagues’ sincere analysis, affordable words narrowed the distance between the hearts. Through the Thanksgiving speech, every family of PMT this big family buried their deep feelings unearthed, promote our outlook on life, value and development view to a new perspective. The whole atmosphere of training is enthusiastic, inspired the mentality of Thanksgiving.

    Last but not least, our general manager Ma Zhengfei make a concluding statement, he affirmed the advantages of every employee, and also hope that we can recognize the advantages of colleagues and our own, at the same time, be able to use the spirit of thanksgiving into our future work, learn to empathy in life and work, study in pleasure, grow up in happiness, and work in pleasure.

    We not only see colleagues in our eyes, but we also see ourselves in colleagues’ eyes through the appreciation, at the same time, we see our company build a good development platform for our employees. Send rose to others while fragrance is left in your hand. Both life and life need gratitude. You grateful to life, life will give you bright sunshine. Thanksgiving heart driven people different from ordinary people, they are persistent and selfless, fraternity and good, dedicated and loyal, full of sense of responsibility and mission, and such a person is PMT person!

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