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Chess competition activities in August 2016

Date:2016-10-18Reading times:98

    In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, enhance the staff's awareness of the traditional international culture, communicate well in the competition, improve the physical and mental quality, and create a good corporate culture atmosphere, Powermetal held Chinese Chess Competition in August 2016.

    The competition adopt the promotion system, during the competition, in order to enable the players to play clam, all audiences are holding their breath, did not dare to make any sound, so that the atmosphere of the scene is abnormal tension. In the silent battlefield of the checkerboard, the employees carried out a fierce flame. After several rounds intense competitions, Zhou Zhanhui from the engineering department won the game, and Cui Shaogang from manufacturing department won the second place.

    After the game, all the employees said that participation in a similar interaction, both to enrich their cultural life, make a lot of colleagues chess, also deepened friendship and affection. The development of this chess competition provides a platform for chess enthusiasts to learn chess and show their skills, not only to develop the intelligence of employees, inspire staff's inspiration, cultivate the sentiments of staff, guide the staff to form good hobbies, But also improve Improve the ability of employees to solve the problem of independent thinking and operational capacity, and at the same time, Chess competition is one of our traditional cultural activities, the company will hold such activities every year, the development of chess competition is also help  to promote the company's corporate culture, enhance the team's cohesion and solidarity

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