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PowerwayGroup holding management and reform meeting

Date:2016-09-08Reading times:104

        In the morning on February 26, Powerwaygroup management and reform meeting was held in multi-function room on the 1st floor in PowerwayBuilding, and more than 120 section managers and managers with higher level from all Powerwaybranches came to take part in it. The overseas branches such as Italisa in Vietnam, Bowilt, etc.also attended the meeting in the form of video meeting. The meeting was held by the vice-president of the group, Zheng Xiaofeng.

        In the 2 hours’ meeting, the group president Xie Shi focused on three questions to make an important speech, including “Why do we reform?”, “How do we reform?”, and “How do we ensure reform?”.

        Finally, the president wished to promote the enterprise to improve operation efficiency through this reform, so as to make efforts to promote the enterprise to become the international first-class enterprise.



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